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Sunday - 9:30AM
Wednesday - 6:30PM
First Time Visit?

We recommend you

arrive 15 minutes early

to allow plenty of time for registering your child and helping them settle comfortably into their classroom environment or you can register now online.


To ensure security for all of our children, each family is required to register their children before dropping them off in class. Registration is located at the “Check-in Station” in the main hallway. You and your child will receive matching name tags, which a volunteer will use to pair families together at pick-up time. Registration is also a great place to let us know if your child has any food allergies or special needs we can accommodate.

nursery-6th grade

We seek to create and maintain a safe, loving environment where children and their families can grow and mature in their relationships with God and each other while learning to live out our faith daily in very real ways. Kids are part of God's story. This is where they find out how.


Birth - 2 years

Every parent needs to feel confident that their child is being loved and cared for. We love children and believe that learning about the love of Jesus begins from the earliest stage of life. 


3 years - 1st grade

We know, it's hard to believe how fast your kids are growing. It's exciting and we love the opportunity to guide them along the next stage of spiritual development. The FLOCK is fun and centered on learning who these little ones are becoming as a child of God.

LOFT 234

2nd - 4th grade

After promoting out of the FLOCK, our students get to climb the stairs to the LOFT. Elementary school is exciting and these little ones are truly on the edge of something big! While their curious minds are soaking up knowledge every minute of every day, we are committed to making Jesus the center of their universe.

bridge 56

5th - 6th grade

Middle school is a time for transition and on-the-run maturing. Let's just say a lot is happening in the minds, bodies and hearts of these kids. This BRIDGE between childhood and the teen years is crucial in identity development. Spiritually, curiosity and understanding about Jesus begins to explode.

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