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7:00 PM


Dillon Rabb

Room 215

All who are college-age are welcome as we learn more about  “How to Study the Bible.” 

THRIVE Ministry

Robert Benjamin & Taylor Wehunt

Room 100

We welcome college graduates, young professionals, engaged/newly married couples, and young single adults. Come join our discussion class on the Bible.

MOCS (Mothers of College Students)


This class is a prayer and encouragement ministry for the students and their families.  Whether your child just graduated high school, or they are in their last semester of college, all mothers of college students are welcome to join! 

Names of God

John Priester

Room 211


What’s in a name?  Names are important and carry with them great meaning. Join us as we look through the Scriptures at the many Names of God and the importance of each from a contextual view.

What Is Our Purpose for Christ?

David Burns

Annex Conference Room
This class is open to all ages of adults.  Our objective is to study God's Word for an understanding of how we might deal with life and its challenges and stay faithful to God and ourselves.

That the World May Know

Ron Belote & Dave Cogswell

Room 210
Experience the Bible in historical context in this video series featuring Ray Vander Laan. Each presentation illuminates Scripture by visiting actual locations from the Bible.

The Gospel of Luke

Jerry Canfield

Room 203

Join us for a discussion of the good news as delivered by the apostle John

Old Testament Characters

Lee Peters


All ages are invited to attend this biblical study of the Book of people in the Old Testament.

Parallel Gospels

Jon Keller

Our class is a mixed group that enjoys
discussion regarding the text we are studying.

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Cade Richards, Dillon Rabb, and Sarah Rabb

This is the highlight of our week in the Lions for Christ.  All college age students are welcome to attend.

Campus House (5510 Grand Avenue)

Designed for Something

The Story

Scott James

Room Next to Youth Room
(Upstairs in the Gym)

Room Next to Youth Room (Upstairs in the Gym)

Working from Randy Frazee’s series “The Story” this group of adults encourages one another as we study God’s word.

Women's Class

Various Teachers


Experiencing the Love of God.

This class is very supportive of each other, missions and the community. 

Men's Class

Phillip Burns

Room 100

Christian Men in a Modern World

Jesus Among Secular gods

Jim Wilson

Room 203

This will be textual and discussion-based for all ages of adults who are interested in an in-depth biblical study.

Weekday Classes


9:30AM - Ladies' WinGS (Women in God's Service) Orientation is September 10th, and the study will be Judges, Ruth and Esther/I Want to Be a Worker.  Ladies of all ages are welcome.  Childcare and extended care provided for those enrolled.  Contact Deborah Wilson for more info. 


9:30AM - Men's Bible Study (Begins September 10)- Teachings of Jesus - Conference Room. Contact John Lankford for more info. 


10AM - Ladies' Bible Study - In the Grip of Grace - Annex.  Contact Donna Beneux for more info.

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