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Care crew

Let's encourage those who might need it most!


We're forming a Care Crew to consistently call/text some of our members to see what needs they may have with two specific groups in mind:

  1. some of our older members and others who are more susceptible to illness. These will be prioritized with those who do not have family in the area who are checking on them.

  2. our medical/first responder WestArk family members who are on the "front lines" and can be under a tremendous amount of stress.

If you would like to help with the Care Crew, please complete this form.  


May God continue to show us how to best serve in love and humility during these very unique times.

Below are some other suggestions to help encourage each other and those around us until we meet again face-to-face.  May we become even stronger and closer through these challenging time sand may He receive all the glory!

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