Notes From “Talk It Up” — April 6, 2014

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Notes from “Talk It Up” sessions on April 6, 2014

Read Dr. Don Hebbard’s Congregational Assessment

Talk It Up! Discussions For The Day

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Map for Talk It Up


After worship we will dismiss to discussion groups.  We will have lunch together and discuss the topics below.  Here’s how it works:  

1.  You will choose which topics interest you. 

2.  There will be three 30-minute discussion sessions at approximately 12:00, 12:30, and 1:00 PM.

3.  Each topic below will be the focus for a group in two locations [listed below].  Each of the six topics will take place at the same time in the two locations. Each will be open for all three sessions.

4.  Thus, you should plan on participating in three conversations that interest you the most and going to one of the two rooms listed for that topic during the three 30-minute sessions.

Creating a Seat at the Table [Room 106 & Room 215]

West-Ark has an established core of members who have been a part of the church family for 16 years or more.  West-Ark is also blessed with active members who have been here for less than 16 years. What are the strengths and challenges that come with such a remarkable statistic?  How can we open opportunities for new members to participate in mission and ministry?  How can we be intentional about creating a “seat at the table” for everyone?

Friendship and Membership [Room 212 & Library]

We strive to be a church that is more than just members who attend a weekly meeting.  We believe that Christ has called us to be His friends and friends with one another.  How can we increase friendships within the West-Ark Church family?  How can we create bridges to our friends who are not part of the West-Ark church?  How can we cultivate the spirit of friendship?

A Cord of Three Strands: Finding Spiritual Support [Annex & Room 210]

A majority of members expressed an interest in forming support groups and fellowship groups.  We want to be creative about forming opportunities to build up one another.  How can we promote resources that will help individuals and families manage stress and grow spiritually?  What has helped you and what have you experienced?

Communities within the Church: Mentoring and Groups [Room 225 & Annex Conference Room]

Over the years, West-Ark has developed multiple approaches to small group fellowship.  At this moment in time, what are the best opportunities and approaches for study groups, fellowship groups, and encouragement groups?  In addition to groups, mentoring is a time-honored and biblical means for spiritual growth and making disciples.  How can we help people find mentors and how can we motivate more members to be mentors?

One Spirit, Many Gifts [Room 203 & Room 222]

West-Ark is blessed with a healthy participation rate that is above the expected norm.  Our vision is greater than simply having enough volunteers to handle the work.  We want all members to use the spiritual gifts that God has invested in them.  How can we assist our membership in discovering their spiritual gifts?  How can we empower people to use their gifts?

Keeping the Conversations and Communication Open [Room 100 & Room 211]

Communication is a vital component of our congregation.  We strive to use a variety of methods and technologies to communicate.  Whether it is an “old-school” method or a “cutting edge” technology, our primary goal is communication and conversation.  We welcome your help.  What talents do you have that will help us communicate more effectively?  What creative ideas do you have to share?  How would you be willing to assist in promoting opportunities for communication? Would you have an interest in helping people learn about new technologies and methods?

Faith Fusion

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One Day Family-Style Vacation Bible School

  • July 28 – 9:30 to 3 pm (free lunch and snack included!)

  • Bring your family and their friends for fun skits, games, crafts, inflatables

Come join the fun – register today at

Friends Day – April 29, 2012

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If you were a guest for our Friends Day, then please know how happy we were to have you join us.

It was a great day of singing together, encouraging one another, and enjoying a meal together.  We do hope that you will join us again sometime.  We are happy to call you a friend and our friends are always welcome to join in to our events and to worship with us on any Sunday.

If you happen to be reading this and were not able to attend Friends Day, then please know that you are welcome to join us any Sunday at 9:30 for classes and 10:30 for worship.  We have other events during the week and we will be happy to share more information about those.  Details on many of them are featured on this website.

If you would like to know more about West-Ark, please call us or send us a message (   Please continue to visit this website as we are constantly updating the articles and information.

Soul Quest 2012

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June 10-16, 2012

Early Deadline— May 30th

Don’t miss the spiritual experience you’ve been looking forward to since last year!  Soul Quest on the campus of York College in York, Nebraska is coming!  Join over 500 7-12th grade students and nearly 100 of our own WAYGers as we come together to grow, worship, fellowship and encounter God in an atmosphere unlike anything else. Applications are now available on Facebook, in the hanging files in the foyer next to the Youth Group bulletin board and in class!  You will NOT want to miss out on this for ANYTHING!!  PLEASE let Rick know if you want to donate money for scholarships or if you need a scholarship. Open to all incoming 7th graders through 2012 graduating Seniors!  This week will be the BEST way to kick off your summer for God!   Get your camper application here  Get your staff application here