CURE Relief

Posted by on August 28, 2017 under Featured

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Communities on the Texas Gulf Coast need our help. CURE (Compassionate Utilization of REsources) has partnered with “Disaster Assistance” of Lake Jackson, TX (a city near the Gulf Coast) and “Churches of Christ Disaster Response Team” out of Ohio. These groups supply the local congregations as they distribute supplies and share hot meals from commercial-grade mobile kitchens. CURE will focus efforts on raising cash to equip these two reliable response teams so that they can purchase the needed food supplies, These groups have the resources in place to order supplies and have them delivered next day even in the midst of the disaster.
Our goal is the raise $20,000 dollars to support feeding the homeless and the hungry on the Texas Gulf Coast.
West-Ark Church of Christ and CURE will take up a special collection on Sept. 3. Please make out your checks to CURE/WestArk for: Disaster Relief.
You can make your donation today by texting “Westark” to 77977 or logging on to Select CURE – TX Hurricane Relief as the fund.