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The seminar is over, but the learning continues.  During the seminar we laughed and learned.  We thank Patrick for sharing his time with us.

This seminar was a significant event in the story of West-Ark.  The shared experience of these teachings will initiate conversations and spiritual growth throughout the New Year and beyond.  Therefore, we want to make the recordings of the seminar available to those who could not attend.  They are also available as a resource for review as we continue to unpack what the Bible lessons mean for us.

Click on the links below to access and audio recording of the session.

Saturday, Dec. 8, Session 1

Saturday, Dec. 8, Session 2

Sunday, Dec. 9, Session 3 (AM Class)

Sunday, Dec. 9,  Session 4 (Sermon)

Sunday, Dec. 9, Session 5 (Q&A Session)

In addition to the recordings, many have asked for links to Patrick’s other teaching resources.

The Facebook group for attenders of the Seminar is at

About Patrick Mead

Patrick serves as the senior minister for the Eastside Church of Christ in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Raised by missionaries and a former missionary himself, Patrick has a burden to reach the left out, forgotten, and broken who live invisible lives all around us. He has worked with minority people groups all over the world and has a special passion to those under fire or persecution.

Patrick earned his doctorates in England while researching the connection between psychology and immunology. In addition to two Ph.Ds, he holds a Masters in Counseling Psychology and several postdoctoral qualifications. He teaches special courses several times a year at The Ohio State University and other Midwestern Universities. He is also a frequent speaker to law enforcement and military groups. He is known for using his Celtic humor to make even the most complex subjects fun and understandable.

Patrick’s charitable work includes fighting human trafficking, providing support for halfway houses, and setting up counseling protocols for veterans with PTSD and law enforcement officers who have been involved in shootings. He also works with foster care agencies to provide clothing, toys, books and other comfort items to those who have been displaced.

Patrick has been married to the former Kami Taylor for 32 years. They have two children. Kara Graves (29) is married to a minister in the Nashville area and Duncan (23) is a former US Marine who works and worships in the Detroit area.