Friends of God – 03.Believe, Speak, Do

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Promotion Sunday

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Sunday Morning Class
1st Grade (Shining Stars) Graduation in the Gym – Families are welcome!
3 Year Olds through 6th Graders promote
Guide to King’s Kids promotions

Sunday Morning Worship
All incoming 7th Graders and Seniors.

How Do We Speak Belief and Believe? – 02.Believe, Speak, Do

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I believe that you should know that the West-Ark congregation was praised in a recent article on The City Wire.

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Core Belief – 01.Believe, Speak, Do

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Test Post

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This is my content. I can have paragraphs. My paragraphs can have italic and bold text (or even italic bold text). I can even underline and color things!

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This is a quote that I’m borrowing from a very awesome individual.

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A Story from the Hope Chest

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A Story From the Hope Chest
By Sharon Faries

Have you ever had a stranger share their joy with you?  Or two strangers?  When the Hope Chest reopened last Tuesday, April 3 after being closed for two weeks, that is what happened.  Quite often we get excited when a man will find a suit, shirt, and tie and tell us that he has just found his new Sunday clothes; or a lady finds a new Sunday church dress, but this day was different.

Two ladies were standing in line waiting to be checked out.  They could hardly wait to get to the head of the line to tell us their story of joy.  They told us that they were now best friends because of God and the Hope Chest.  We wondered, “How does the Hope Chest get credit for that?”  They shared that they were strangers to one another last fall when they happened to visit the Hope Chest at the same hour one day.  They met there and they left realizing that they had found a new best friend.  The ladies spoke of sharing fun and hardships with one another over the following days.  They mentioned that they often prayed for one another and would frequently pray over the phone for one another.  We were overjoyed as these new best friends stood there smiling and hugging each other and saying thank you to us for providing more than new clothing and shoes.  They were given a friendship full of God’s joy.


I shared with them a saying that we say to one another almost every Sunday morning: “God is good … all the time; and all the time … God is good.”  These ladies loved that and they walked out repeating the words.

I wonder what these ladies are doing today?  My guess is that they are sharing their blessings from God and praying with one another for us.

Friends Day – April 29, 2012

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If you were a guest for our Friends Day, then please know how happy we were to have you join us.

It was a great day of singing together, encouraging one another, and enjoying a meal together.  We do hope that you will join us again sometime.  We are happy to call you a friend and our friends are always welcome to join in to our events and to worship with us on any Sunday.

If you happen to be reading this and were not able to attend Friends Day, then please know that you are welcome to join us any Sunday at 9:30 for classes and 10:30 for worship.  We have other events during the week and we will be happy to share more information about those.  Details on many of them are featured on this website.

If you would like to know more about West-Ark, please call us or send us a message (   Please continue to visit this website as we are constantly updating the articles and information.

Believe, Speak, Do!

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Have you ever heard any of these expressions?

“If you are going to talk the talk, then walk the walk!”

“Say what you mean and mean what you say!”

“Practice what you preach!”

“Actions speak louder than words!”

Of course you have heard these.  We recognize that a consistency among the ideas we cherish, the things we say, and the way we act is important.  We recognize this importance in virtues such as integrity, honesty, conviction, transparency.  Our maturity as followers of Jesus Christ increases when we notice the vital relationship of believing, speaking, and doing.

For three weeks in April, we will use 2 Corinthians 4:13-18 as our guide and explore how our belief in Christ’s teachings drives our words and actions.

April 15 – 01. Core Belief

April 22 – 02. How Do We Speak Belief and Believe?

April 29 [Friend’s Day] – 03.Friends of God

Soul Quest 2012

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June 10-16, 2012

Early Deadline— May 30th

Don’t miss the spiritual experience you’ve been looking forward to since last year!  Soul Quest on the campus of York College in York, Nebraska is coming!  Join over 500 7-12th grade students and nearly 100 of our own WAYGers as we come together to grow, worship, fellowship and encounter God in an atmosphere unlike anything else. Applications are now available on Facebook, in the hanging files in the foyer next to the Youth Group bulletin board and in class!  You will NOT want to miss out on this for ANYTHING!!  PLEASE let Rick know if you want to donate money for scholarships or if you need a scholarship. Open to all incoming 7th graders through 2012 graduating Seniors!  This week will be the BEST way to kick off your summer for God!   Get your camper application here  Get your staff application here

Family Movie Night!

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King’s Kids Families -Sunday, April 22 – 6 pm in the Gym

Bring your friends and favorite snack for fun, food and fellowship!

Register today at