It’s All Greek!

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The myths of the ancient Greeks remain a vital part of our culture.  Recent films such as Wrath of the Titans, Percy Jackson, and books such as The Hunger Games are inspired by these legends of old.

No one can say that the Greek myths are gone and forgotten.  The names of mythological figures are widely used in our technology and entertainment.  Apollo took us to the moon and Pandora gives us radio over the Internet.  (But if one knows the story of Pandora, why would you ever open it on your PC?)

The gospel of Christ includes themes that are sometimes present in Greek Myth.  So much so that critics dismiss Christian faith as “just another religious myth.”  Yet, the on-going story of Christ is quite different in important respects.

In the four weeks of this series we will consider what elements from the myths old and new might be redeemed for Christian faith.  We will also pay attention to the unique, life-changing, universe-altering implications of the message about Christ.

The four parts of this series are:

March 18 – Don’t Open That Box (The Myth of Pandora and The Reality of Sin)

March 25 – Into the Labyrinth (Theseus and the Minotaur, The Hunger Games, and Heroic Sacrifice)

April 1 – Forget The Titans (Wrath, Rebellion, and Redemption)

April 8 – The God of the Sun and the Son of God (The Dying God Myth and Christ’s Resurrection)